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Over The Top Fashion Jewelry Came to me at a time That i just did not know what to do anymore With dreams off one Day Having My Own Created Jewelry Line & always having so Manny Off my Subscribers asking were do i get such unique and Cute jewelry I Decided to give back to them By creating Over The Top Fashion Jewelry Because it Not only Hot,Gaudy,Unique It is also Affordable i Have the Chance Now to sell Really Unique Peaces That i have Hand chosen one by one i try to find the most bold and unique items to express yourself in away that you could never imagine I Will also Be giving the option off Customizing unique Limit edition items that i will be posting So You would have a choice to shop like me Or Have One off my unique peaces that i have created..Never be scared to stand out in a crowd,wear bright colors,change of color, new patterns,or anything!! There is something for everyone out their in the WORLD! All you have to do is embrace who you are and let the transformation BEGIN...


Custom Collection

CandY Yum Yum Necklace By Elinpapi4baby
If you would like to Order This Candy Yum Yum Necklace by Me Plz Contact me By Email Macbarbie167@aim.com this Necklace Has 5 Hand Made Clay Charms that i Have Created Myself It will Take me at least A week to do this custom Necklace.
 This is one Off My Manny custom Hand Made items But I have To say This Is My Fave.
 That is why I'm Giving the option To Order A Candy Yum Yum Necklace For only $80.00